Visioning a Greater Racine Eco Wave Team

Visioning a Greater Racine

“Visioning a Greater Racine (VGR) is a networked-community initiative using the proven VISIONING process with the goal of transforming Racine into a flourishing place we are all proud to call home.”  

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Eco-Wave Team
Some Greening Greater Racine members have teamed up with community leadership to form a Zero Waste Committee. This team, comprised of 27 members, is working on strategies and action plans to reduce waste throughout Racine to alleviate the soon-to-be full Kestral Hawk Landfill. This team is now under the management of the Visioning a Greater Racine Eco-Wave Team. If you’d like to join this team, please email us at [email protected] 

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Zero Waste Committee

​​The Zero Waste Committee of Greater Racine has been active for over a year working to bring collective action on this movement that is popular in many American cities. The Zero Waste committee is a clearing house for what is happening around the issues of recycling and waste in greater Racine. We support these current initiatives and provide networking opportunities for those working on them. And we brainstorm in seeking to initiate new efforts. We encourage community members to join us with their ideas and actions. The Zero Waste committee is facilitated by Greening Greater Racine and the Eco-WAVE Team of Visioning a Greater Racine.

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Sturtevant Compost

Sturtevant Beautification Committee Makes a Change! 

​In January 2019 the Sturtevant Beautification Committee and the Village of Sturtevant began a Food Compost Pilot Program in partnership with Visioning a Greater Racine Environmental Wave Team and Compost Crusaders in an effort to keep material out of the landfill.

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​Invention City 2.0


Many people throughout the community came to contribute ideas and input towards the future of Racine. Visioning a Greater Racine (VGR) held a visioning session followed by a special performance by St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church Youth Choir and presentations from local speakers at Case High School, December 2016. Many wonderful ideas were shared from the community.

Speakers included: Tom Buhler (VGR President), Rodney Prunty (United Way of Racine County), Art Howell (Racine Police Chief), John Dickert (Mayor of Racine), Jonathan Delagrave (County Executive), Dr. Bryan Albrecht (Gateway), Dr. Lolli Haws (RUSD Superintendant), David Rhoads (Greening Greater Racine), Mary Beth Aldrich (Racine Revitilization Partnership). !