G.R.E.E.N. Participants

Administration Participants
  • Christopher Thompson Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Rosalie Daca, Chief Academic Officer, RUSD
  • Terri Tessmann Supervisor of Personalized Learning and STEAM
  • Lawrence Pardo
  • Lorie Karls: Professional Development Director
  • Judy Shaffer Gifted and Talented Coordinator
  • Tammy Cruz Instructional Coach

High Schools

Horlick High School
  • Tom Pfeiffer
  • Carly Rondeau
J. I. Case High School
  • Daniel Buchholz
  • Terri Jackley
  • Emily Planton
  • David Venne
Park High School
  • Shelley Doering
  • Kelly Moss-Mattison
  • Jane Worsham
  • Xu Chen
  • Andrew Greiner
Walden III
  • Peter O’Shea
  • Brian Torner
Saint Catherine’s High School
  • Robert McKee
  • Ivan Miller
Prairie School
  • Kevin Will
Lutheran High School
  • Emily Elmquist
Our Lady of Grace Academy (ElHi at Saint Edward Roman Catholic Church)
  • Robin Kreines

Middle Schools

Gifford Middle School
  • Samantha Butler
McKinley Middle School
  • Stephanie Skaarnes
Jerstad-Agerholm Middle School
  • Amanda Peterson
  • Leela Young
Starbuck Middle School
  • Anisa Diaz
  • Dana Thielen
  • Holly Baukin
Walden III Middle School
  • Kate Potter-Barrow
Saint Rita’s Parish School
  • Patricia Heim
21st Century Preparatory Middle School
  • Jamian Knuth Science
  • Sarah Todd
  • Erica Richards
  • Michelle Cox
Montessori Adolescent Program
  • Rita Lewis Administrator

Elementary Schools

Gifford Elementary School
  • Nicole Wagner
  • Jeff Appenzeller
  • Julie Trafton
Knapp Elementary School
  • Jamie Racine (Community School Coordinator)
Olympia Brown Elementary School
  • Kari Baumann
  • Nancy Margis
  • Caroline Beere
  • Zachary Jacobsmeier
Red Apple
  • Tammy Borowski
Wadewitz Elementary School
  • Michael McConnell
  • Erin Zdero
  • Janielle Kirk
  • Heather Jirgensen
  • Jennifer Gutierrez
  • Shelli Tippett
  • Deborah Phillips
West Ridge Elementary School
  • Mary Kae Laing
Racine Montessori Elementary School
  • Rita Lewis Administrator

Early Education

Racine Montessori School
  • Rita Lewis Administrator
RUSD Montessori Program
  • Amy Shepherd, Director

Home Schooling
  • James Cabell and family

Child Care Centers
Acelero Learning Center
  • Sara Ventura

Retired Teachers
  • Patricia Maughan

After School Programs
John XXIII Education Center
  • Marisol Salazar
  • Sarah Oates
  • Alicia Jarrett

Special Programs
Spectrum School of the Arts and Gallery
  • Denise Zingg

Field Trips, Nature and Other Environmental Educational Resources
University of Wisconsin-Parkside Extension
  • Amy Macemon
  • Jeanne Hilinske-Christensen
University of Wisconsin-Parkside
  • Marybeth Zuhlke
  • Elizabeth Hensiak
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, School of Freshwater Sciences
  • Mera Yi
Gateway Technical College
  • Kate Field
The Watershed Program
  • Nancy Carlson
The Eco-Justice Center
  • Sarah Ronnevik
The REC Center
  • Laura Schulz
Riverbend Nature Center
  • Jeanne Dernehl
  • Sandra Johnsrud
  • Christa Droste
Caledonia Conservancy
  • Sandy DeWalt
  • Jill Baranowski
Racine Zoo
  • Aszya Summers
Alliance for the Great Lakes
  • Todd Brennan
Master Gardeners “Botany in the Classroom”
  • Burt Blomgren
Adventure Kids Learning
  • Joan Roehre
Happy Healthy Way
  • Birgitte Christensen
Interested Residents
  • Nancy Ryan
  • Tanyia Abdullah
  • Kathryn Scheer
  • Ingrid Dallal Fratz
  • Robin Zigas
  • Caskey, Michelle
  • Kay Gregor
  • Marilyn Kiemen
  • Tom Rutkowski
  • Maureen Bagg
  • Lynne Leithleiter
  • Dave Rhoads
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