Saving Energy For Lighting



1. Lighting: Install LED lights everywhere—the most important thing you can do.

  • LED lights use one-seventh the amount of electricity as the old incandescent bulbs.
  • They use one-half the electricity of CFL (spiral) bulbs
  • Even though they cost more, they will pay for themselves within a year, then it is all savings
  • Acquire LED lamps for ALL outlets in your home, inside and out, all at once or beginning with the most frequently used. Get LED spots or floods for outside.
  • Do not wait until other bulbs burn out! Go ahead and install them in all sockets and begin saving energy and money NOW. It is a waste to continue to burn inefficient bulbs.
  • Discard incandescent bulbs in trash. Discard CFLs at local stores or contribute them to a food bank.
  • 2. Conservation: Shut off the lights. The second most important thing you can do. Big energy saver!
    • Do not turn the lights on, if natural light will do. Open curtains, pull up shades.
    • Get in the habit of turning off lights when not in use or you are not in the room. Set a reminder on your phone for dusk to go around and turn unneeded lights off.
    • Post reminders in prominent places.
  • 3. Energy saving devices. Let technology do the work for you.
    • Put Motion sensors in bathrooms, hallways, etc. They turn lights turn off automatically.
    • Put motion sensors on outdoor lights rather than leaving them on: front porch, side, and rear
    • Put a timer on inside lamps you want to have on for safety at certain hours of the dark.
    • Use LED light sensitive night lights in hallways, bedrooms, and bathrooms, so you do not need to turn lights on in the night.


Subsidies and Rebates

Focus on Energy is a state-wide organization that provides incentives for energy saving and lowering of your carbon footprint.

  • Go to Focus on Energy for rebates for many “residential” benefits, including most forms of lighting. 
  • Order free Focus on Energy LED bulbs or a kit with LED lamps, a showerhead, and aerators for bathroom and kitchen. 
  • Look for bargains at your local home and hardware store.

“Environmentalism is much more than a discipline. It is a way of being.” David Suzuki