Greening Greater Racine Seeks for the Commonweal of Racine

Greening Greater Racine’s (GGR), Bob Beezat, wrote a letter to the Commonweal magazine explaining the goals of GGR in relation to the greater Racine neighborhood: to ensure the happiness, health, and safety of all of the people of Racine. 

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David Rhoads completed ten sustainability reports building the GGR Government Initiative for the City of Racine and Sturtevant. Mount Pleasant is currently in process. These reports will be made to the public. Interviewees included: Tom Friedel, John Rooney, Bill Miller, Tom Eeg, Julie Kinzelman, Matt Koepnick, Tom Molbeck, Keith Haas, Mary Frances Klimek, Mike Kosterman, Matt Sadowski, Jeff Vitton, Mike Lechner, Jeff Seitz, and Logan Martin. 
Planning for Sustainability in Racine: A Town Hall Meeting” event was held at UW-Parkside in May 2016. Professor Ross Astoria’s students presented topics centering climate change and what Racine can do to reverse the trend. The following month, Jonathan Delagrave convened a gathering of representatives from the City of Racine, Racine County and three of the villages on energy savings at the government level. Subsequent meetings of committee officials will ensue. 

Greening Greater Racine seeks to engage representatives from the following governmental agencies to be part of a movement to bring a healthier and more sustainable life to the Racine area. We are eager to promote the greening actions they have already taken and hope to encourage other actions in progress toward becoming eco-municipalities. 

Municipalities we are currently working with include the following: 

  • Racine County
  • City of Racine
  • Village of Sturtevant
  • Village of Mount Pleasant
  • Village of Caledonia
  • Village of Wind Point
  • Village of North Bay
  • Village of Elmwood Park

Participants include: Julie Anderson, Racine County Director of Public Works and Development Services; Bob Beezat, Former Village administrator; Bob Berget, Focus on Energy; Saurabh Betawadkar, Focus on Energy; Russell Clark, Racine County Board Chairman;  Pete Clothier, Village of Elmwood Park; Jonathan Delagrave, Racine County Executive; Leigh Pressley, Kenosha UW Extension; Jeff Seitz, Public Works Director of Sturtevant; Michelle Tucker, Village of Wind Point; David Rhoads, GGR; Tom Rutokowski, GGR SOLARacine, Alexandra Tillmann, Racine County Finance Director