Faith Communities

What are GGR Faith Communities?

GGR supports faith communities in their efforts to do EarthCare in worship, education, building and grounds, and community action. The Racine Green Congregations began in 2008 and held programs for various congregations until 2015. After that, congregational programs were folded into GGR.

In 2022, this program is in process of being resurrected under the work of Paul Nuechterlein as means to promote gatherings of church representatives and the posting of numerous resources on the website.

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10,000 Mile Walk

Crossing a big country with walking shoes and a recorder, Paula Francis is researching and reporting on happiness by interviewing thousands of people during the 10,000 mile Happiness Walk.

Paula’s walk began in 2012 and will conclude this Fall in Boston. She has walked the east coast from Vermont to Jacksonville, Florida, along the southern U.S border to Los Angeles up the west coast to Seattle and is now headed east. She is currently walking in Iowa.

Paula will be in Racine on August 21 and 22 this year.

Here basic question to the thousands of people she has met along the way is “What matters most in life?”

She walks to tap the innate wisdom of those she meets ‘on the road’ and to ultimately align policies of our systems, institutions, and our government with a newly defined set of values. “We ought to uphold our basic right – and that of future generations – to the pursuit of happiness. When our measures of progress and success are not aligned with our values, individuals, our humanity, and the planet suffer,” she says.

Paula is one of the founders of Gross National Happiness USA (GNH), a grassroots, national network of advocates who work to increase economic, environmental and societal justice by changing how we measure progress and success.  Currently, one of the most common measurements of how well our country is doing is GDP/Gross Domestic Progress.  Gross National Happiness USA recommends that GDP be replaced or supplemented by GNH-like measures designed to take fuller account of the well-being of a nation, only a part of which pertains to the health of the nation’s economy, by incorporating environmental and social factors which are not measured by GDP. 

Paula will be making a presentation about her walk and what she has learned along the way at Siena Center in Racine on Wednesday, August 21 at 6:00 PM. For directions to Siena Center go to: Come to the Main Entrance: 5635 Erie St., Racine, WI 53402

Paula will be arriving at the Siena Center around noon on August 21 and will be a guest of the Racine Dominicans. She will be leaving Racine to continue her walk on the morning of Friday, August 23. Media wishing to interview Paula can contact her by email at [email protected] or by phone 802-279-4092. 
Her program is free. If you intend to come to the event, please let us know so we can make sure we have adequate space set up for her program. Please call 262-639-4100 to register.

Racine Green Congregations at EcoFest 2019


​Interested in having your faith organization or congregation a part of the “green team”? Contact us at [email protected]

For more info on EcoFest, click HERE

Energy Savings Workshop for Faith Communities


Shown below is the event agenda. 

Informal Networking
8:00 to 8:30. Continental breakfast available
8:30 to 8:40. Planning committee
8:40 to 8:50: Focus on Energy rep: Lighting Program
8:50 to 9:00: Focus on Energy rep: HVAC.
9:00 to 9:10: Tom Rutkowski: SOLARacine
9:10 to 9:20: Q and A with speakers
9:20 to 9:30. Building Envelope and Conservation Training
9:30 to 9:35. Trade rep: [Tower Energy]: How it really works
9:35 to 9:45. Q and A
Planning the Follow-up
9:45 to 9:55: Setting Milestones going forward.

  • Return meeting to share outcomes: Date and Place TBD

9:55 to 10:00: Evaluation and Next steps
10:00 to 10:30 Trade vendor make an appointment for free lighting assessment
10:00 to 10:30 Solar group buy rep available to sign up for free assessments

Greening Greater Racine was pleased to have the Faith of Christian Believers Church host an Energy Savings Workshop for any faith congregation, held on Saturday November 10, 2018. Many attended and were able to sign up for free assessments. If you are interested for your faith organization to save on energy, please contact us at [email protected] ​

Faith communities with buildings of all sizes are invited to attend a free two-and-a-half-hour energy-saving workshop. The program will take place at the Fellowship for Christian Believers Church at 703 Washington Avenue from 8:30 to 11:00 o’clock on Saturday November 10. A continental breakfast will be available from 8:00 to 8:30.
The objectives of this workshop are to enable faith communities to learn about ways in which they can save money, lower their energy use, and do their part in caring for Earth. Clergy, property committee representatives, finance people, building managers, and interested members are encouraged to attend.
The workshop will cover lighting, HVAC, insulation, solar energy, and conservation. A representative of Focus on Energy will be present to explain incentives and paybacks that are available.
A local energy contractor will be present to sign faith communities up for free energy audits. A solar installer will be present to sign faith groups up for a free solar assessment. Financing options in support of energy saving projects will be explained, including options for churches struggling financially.
The event is sponsored by Racine Green Congregations, Racine Interfaith Coalition, Wisconsin Green Muslims, and Wisconsin Interfaith Power and Light.