Sturtevant Beautification Committee

Sturtevant Beautification Committee Makes a Change

Did you realize that 30% of what goes into a landfill is food?

In January 2019 the Sturtevant Beautification Committee and the Village of Sturtevant began a Food Compost Pilot Program in partnership with Visioning a Greater Racine Environmental Wave Team and Compost Crusaders in an effort to keep material out of the landfill.

This program is available to ALL residents of Racine County.

For an annual fee of $25 each participant receives a 3 gallon bucket for your food scraps and a year’s supply of compostable bags along with details on what can be put into the collection bin.

There are 3 easy steps to follow:
Sign up for the program at the Sturtevant Village Hall
Put compostable bags in your container to collect food scraps
Drop off full bags at the central collection site at the Sturtevant Village Hall

​The Village of Sturtevant launched this program to gather reliable data on participation and to measure the amount of food diverted from the land fill each year.  The long term objective is to eventually join more than 150 cities in the United States offering some form of curbside food waste collection.
For more information or to become a participant, contact the Village of Sturtevant at 886-7200 or visit their website


Journal Times: Letter to the Editor

After recently reading several articles in the Racine Journal Times regarding the landfill nearing capacity, we felt compelled to write this letter.

Do you realize that there is an alternative to putting food waste in the landfill other than using a garbage disposal (which requires valuable water resources)?
The Sturtevant Beautification Committee along with the Village of Sturtevant and in partnership with Visioning a Greater Racine Environmental Wave Team, launched a food compost pilot program earlier this year.  This program keeps food waste out of the landfill and diverts it to create organic compost.  The program is available to anyone in Racine County for an annual fee of $25.  Currently the program includes a central drop-off site for food waste with the goal of establishing curbside pickup in the future.
If you’d like more details on this program or want to sign up to participate, contact the Village of Sturtevant at 886-7200 or visit their website (

In addition, if any other municipalities or neighborhoods are interested in starting a similar program, we’d be happy to share with you our experience in establishing this program.

Linda Busha and Rose Woodruff
Published on the Journal Times July 19, 2019. For the link click HERE.