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Alter Trading Corp. ribbon-cutting ceremony Feb. 27, 2020

Greening Greater Racine wants to say what a great thing they have done for our canine units. We all really appreciate it and thank you. Officers are as follows from left to right:
Racine County Sheriffs Office Deputy Ed Drewitz
Racine County Deputy Dave Fisher
City of Racine, On the lake Police Officer David Arvai
Village Of Mount Pleasant Police Department Police Officer Nicole Knierim
Village of Sturtevant Police Department Police Officer Tonia Lamster
Village of Caledonia Police Department Police Officer Cory Radke

February 27, 2020 was the grand opening a new recycling building at Alter Trading Corporation at Racine Street and 17th Street.

Speakers include: Damon Hassel, head of Alter Trading. Second district alder Mollie Jones, Mayor Mason, and Carmella Venturini of RAMAC.

Alter Trading Corp. donates money to area K-9 programs Thursday where funds come from recycling aluminum cans! FYI, each block of those crushed cans weighs about 800lbs!

Community Impact Programs ​August 14th, 2019 from 5pm to 8pm

RAMAC Features Racine Sustainable Business Network

Racine Sustainable Business Network Fostering Ecological Innovation and Sustainable Practices is featured in RAMAC’s spring 2019 article. Learn more about how ​RSBN is a collaboration of businesses and other entities that provides the knowledge, tools, and resources to attain greater ecological, economic, and social sustainability. 

For the full article, click HERE

Getting to Zero Waste ​ Wed May 15th, 2018 ​7AM-9AM

Steve Scharinger (CNH)
Connor Markgraf (CREE)
Michael Keleman (Insinkerator)

May 15th, 2019 from 7am to 9am at the Goodwill Retail Operations Center. 

Waste is a critical issue. We have to act now. Oceans are plagued by dead-zone garbage patches the size of Texas. Recently a beached whale was found to have 88 pounds of trash in their stomach. Virtually all sea life shows traces of Styrofoam. More and more landfills are blighting the land. Our local Kestrel Hawk landfill has less than five years left.
We have to do what we can do about this. Business and industry are often leading the way. It is time for the companies, every organization and small businesses in greater Racine to step up and do our part. Come to this meeting prepared to learn, to share what you already do, and to pledge to work toward zero waste in your business.

​Meeting Agenda: 
7:00 to 7:30: Light Breakfast and Informal Networking
7:30 to 7:40 Introductions
7:40 to 8:30 Presentations

  • Michael Keleman, Our Local Zero Waste Movement
  • Randy Olson, Goodwill E-cycle Operations
  • CNH on achieving Zero Waste
  • David Rhoads: The Waste Free Office You will also hear from other attendees.
  • What are you finding is the issue? Do you have a program in place? Share what is working for you, get support for what hurdles you may be having.

8:30 to 8:50 Table Discussions
8:50 to 9:00 Survey and Closing

​Racine Sustainable Business Network hosts programs

Thanks Belle City Magazine for publishing our story! Check out the article below.


What if people from all over the world visited Racine to marvel at, and to learn about the community’s commitment to sustainable business practices? 

Actually, greater Racine already is a showcase of companies that are demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and they’re winning awards for their efforts. Many companies tout sustainability as a core value, such as S.C. Johnson & Son, Bombardier Recreational Products, Cree Inc., CNH Industrial, United Natural Foods Inc., NFI, Butter Buds Inc., Alter Trading Corp., InSinkErator, Great Northern Corp. and Gateway Technical College. 

For the last four years, the Racine Sustainable Business Network has met regularly to spread the word that sustainability is one of the most important practices to pursue. The group works in coordination with the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council. It evolved from a branch of Racine Area Manufacturers and Commerce and, in 2015, the social justice/environmental network called Greening Greater Racine initiated RSBN.

The network is not a member organization because its meetings are open to everyone. RSBN offers educational programs in February, May, August and November. Usually held at area businesses, these events attract dozens to learn how to:
Lower energy use for lighting
Save energy on heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems

  • Embrace renewable energy
  • Aim for zero waste through recycling
  • Conserve water
  • Maintain land to protect watersheds
  • “Green” their supply chain
  • Adopt “green” cleaning products and processes
  • Develop human resources for a sustainable workforce
  • Support the community and serve as a model

These events often include a tour of the host facility, as was the case at the network’s last meeting held in February at Cree, the lighting manufacturer in Sturtevant. The early morning program encouraged participants to consider upgrading their lighting systems and to be aware of the incentives to do so, with the goal of lowering their carbon footprint and saving money.  

Among its products, Cree produces LED bulbs that consume 85 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs and last 25 times longer.

Duane Henderson, manager and lead lighting educator of Cree’s Lighting Experience Center, explained that lighting upgrades should be more than just replacing light bulbs. Sophisticated, “smart lighting controls” offered through Cree improve employee productivity by syncing workplace lighting with the daily biological rhythms of human beings, he said.
Those attending RSBN’s next event, scheduled for 7-9 a.m., Wednesday, May 15, at Goodwill Industries, 1630 Enterprise Drive, will learn how to work toward “zero waste,” a sustainability goal already attained by the CNH Industrial plant in Racine. May’s meeting will address all forms of waste and recycling and will highlight Goodwill’s work to refurbish and recycle used consumer electronic equipment.
“Goodwill E-cycle is our electronics recycling and refurbishment service, addressing the growing issue of electronic waste,” said Randall Olson, Goodwill business development manager for the organization’s E-cycle and DataShield programs. “As the pace of technology continues to increase, so does the volume of computers, tablets and phones that need to be recycled or refurbished. E-waste is the most rapidly growing segment of the municipal solid waste stream.”

RSBN promotes healthy people, the planet and profits, serving large companies, small businesses, government agencies, schools, and non-profit organizations. 
“RSBN is a key component in Racine County’s economic blueprint,” said Racine County Executive Jonathan Delagrave. “Bringing businesses together to share best practices not only allows for solutions to sustainability, but in the long term will help businesses grow and in turn create more jobs for Racine County.” 

To learn more about RSBN and to register for events, visit

Dave Backmann a member of the Greening Greater Racine Board of Directors.
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RSBN at EcoFest 2019

RSBN Alter Trading

We are incredibly lucky to have businesses of all sizes join the Racine Sustainable Business Network. They have quarterly meetings at one of the members’ sites. Attend a meeting to see how your business can be more sustainable and save costs!

​For more information on EcoFest, click HERE

February 2019 - 5W's of Lighting

Lighting and the new options that are available to assist in reducing electricity, create a safer workplace and possible assistance doing it. Come network with local businesses that are in the same “dark boat”. Get a tour of Cree after words that will also highlight their recycling program.

​For more details for this meeting, click HERE

November 2018 - Leaders of Sustainability

​November 27, UNFI (United Natural Foods Incorporated) hosted a RSBN meeting. 

There are many sustainability leaders in greater Racine. Learn about three organizations that pursue sustainability with intention and determination—from LEED buildings to employee engagement to recycled paper. And share what your business is doing.

The meeting consisted of presentations by representatives from United Natural Foods Incorporated, Gateway Technical College, and Alter Trading. A tour was provided afterwards. 

Questions? Would you like your business to host the next quarterly meeting? Contact [email protected].

August 2018 - Water Quality and Land Use

Thanks to Ascension Hospital in Racine, they were able to host another quarterly meeting. David Giordano, executive director of Root Pike WIN and representatives of Poblacki Pavement talked about sustainable ways to capture stormwater and improve water quality. 

February 2018 - Zero Waste Meeting

City Administrator, Jim Palenick, is looking to put Racine towards ZERO waste!

Kestrel Hawk Landfill has about 5 years left. People and companies the speakers at the Racine Sustainable Business Network meeting in February 2018 is already aware of and working to reduce waste at their companies and organizations while increasing sustainable efforts. They all discussed economic benefits as well. 

Thank you Racine Unified School District for hosting a Racine Sustainable Business Network meeting. Thank you to speakers Michael Broll (RUSD’s Environmental and Health Coordinator), Jim Palenick (City of Racine, On the lake Administrator), Tim Ulrich (Cree), Tom Buhler (Butter Buds Foodservice), Damen Hassell (Alter Trading), and David Rhoads (Greening Greater Racine).
We all need to contribute to make this movement happen.Start easy by ensuring recyclables are recycled and really work towards reducing your waste. We need to treat our place we reside as our home. Let’s not abandon it.


Additional Past RSBN Meetings

For previous meetings, check out the listing by clicking HERE

About Us

The Racine Sustainable Business Network​​ held its first seminar at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare in Racine March 2016. With over 50 participants, this workshop focused on energy conservation with presentations from representatives of WE Energy and Focus on Energy. The following month a workshop was hosted by Focus on Energy that led towards participants showing high interests. 

Goals: To benchmark sustainability and create programs for mid-size and large companies like the series of workshops.

History, Community and Resources

  • GGR seeks to bring together businesses and industries that are committed to sustainable business practices in an effort to promote a healthier and more sustainable life for the Racine area. Many Racine businesses produce Earth-friendly products. Many businesses carry out sustainable business practices. We are eager to promote current achievements and build on them to generate further actions.  

  • Check out a list of Racine County Hub of Environmental Innovation and Sustainable Business Practices

  • Here are some local listings of some sustainable business organizations
  • On April 30, 2015 a business luncheon at the Racine Community Foundation was filled with participants with interests in sustainable business efforts. 

Some Steering Committee Members and Their Representative Businesses, Organizations, Schools or Nonprofits