Check out some photos from Racine schools and local events!

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Outdoor Gardens at Park High School

Photos provided by Shelley Doering

Kromrey Middle School, Middleton WI (Green & Healthy School) hosted an educational event in October 2016

The river that winds behind Kromrey Middle School. There's also a walking path in the conservatory behind the school.
These sinks are outside the cafeteria so students can wash their hands before meals.
White board desks that students can write on.
Coloring for relaxation in the library.
Outdoor amphitheater where students have outdoor concerts and plays during the warm months.
Outdoor courtyard where students can study outside. Floor to ceiling windows are a common feature throughout the school.
Outdoor teachers lounge with colorful chairs.
Some of the art on the walls.
Teacher's Lounge
The cafeteria overlooking the conservatory.
The entrance to a classroom. These glass doors open up and can be completely pulled back so the classroom extends into the hallway.

Hands-On, Outdoor at Racine Montessori School

Photos provided by Rita Lewis. 

Old and New Farming Practices at Horlick High School

Photos provided by Thomas Pfeiffer.